Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Features this week

So I have decided to include a few features on Etsy treasury into one post so it is easier to include other content on my blog.

First let me introduce a very intimate and active group on Etsy in New York. It's called the 5 Boroughs Team On Etsy. It is made up of artists living in the 5 boroughs in New York and they range from photographers, crafters specializing in paper goods and knit products, jewelry designers and makers, organic product sellers...etc. I have recently joined this great team and have been introduced to some of the finest shops on Etsy. Every week there is a treasury theme suggested and in the past week, it was all about black and white plus one color.

Below are a collection of these great submissions and a few of my pieces are featured in there as well. At the bottom of this post are miscellaneous treasuries that feature my jewelry pieces. Click on the images to be linked to the specific treasury on Etsy, which you can easily click and go to the shop with the items featured.

This will be a feast to your eyes. Enjoy!


This is the winning treasury by AllMineDesign
Titled "I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me."

This one below is made by HansMyHedgehog.

This is a fun treasury - titled "Surprise Ending" and you can see why.
By the witty PorterGulch

This is created by Valderie

This treasury features a piece of jewelry from my other shop called Bunnies Can Dream. 1st row 3rd piece from left is called Little Peaches.
This is by Aoristic

This treasury features my Adjustable Rose Ring in 24K gold plating. 
This is by Tyramade

This is by LuluKnitsNYC

Although this is not one of the submission, I think this is quite in line with the theme.

Love the lime green...this is by Designerica

Interesting combination - Purple never looks so good!
This is by WellWornPassport

This is by MamaBetsy

This is by BrooklynBags

Some other treasury featuring my jewelry this week

This is created by MadameKoiteh, featuring my 24K gold plated 2-Way Rose Earrings, and Persimmons from my other shop, Bunnies Can Dream.

 This is created by AzizaJewelry, featuring my sterling silver 2-Way Rose Earrings.

This is one of my fav - created by LLEditions

This is created by IslaNewYork, featuring my sterling silver 2-Way Rose Earrings 
and a necklace from my other shop Bunnies Can Dream, called A Midsummer Night's Dream.

This is created by Millersye, featuring my 24K gold plated Little Rose Studs.

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