Friday, November 18, 2011

Are you ready to stuff some stockings?

If yes, then come on to my table at these holiday markets and enjoy some nice special discounts!

Dec 4 - Dekalb Market, Brooklyn
10am - 5:30pm
138 Willoughby St

This lovely market is getting better and better. Come check out the weekend market vendors and the 24x7 retailers in recycled containers! A larger and better food court and lots of live music and art installation. I was vending there last weekend and I love the fried donuts, BBQ chicken panini, delicious ginger carrot soup and yumyum chocolate from Jacques Torres.

The shops opens around 11am though the weekend market and food vendors will be ready for you at 10am. The place does not close until 9pm I believe but as the sun goes down, lazy bunny me will be packing up around 5pm so come visit me before then.

Getting there is easy! The BDMQ line is right outside the market. Or take 2,3,4,5,G line you will be right around the area. 

If you crave from some cheesecake afterwards, Junior's is just right there.

ATM machine at the food court too but I take credit card now ;) yippee~~

Dec 10 - PopUp Holiday Market in Manhattan!

More details to come on this one but this is managed by the Astoria Market organizer and it will be at The Church of St. Paul the Apostle on Columbus Avenue between 59th and 60th Streets in Manhattan! 
I'll be selling with my pal, Jessica Boehman of Hans-My-Hedgehog with lots of holiday greeting cards.

Upper West Side, here we come! 

Dec 17 - Brooklyn Craft Central Holiday Market
Noon - 6pm

This event is an annual highlight of X'mas shopping! This year it will be on Dec 17 and Dec 18 though I only appear on the 17th. It is an indoor event at Littlefield, a warehouse-turned-club and each day will feature different vendors. So you get lots of choices of quality gifts you last minute shoppers!

It is accessible by R train, 2 blocks from the Union Street stop. 

Will post more later about the events as it gets closer. Hope to see you all there!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Introducing the new Whirls Collection!

Some of you may have read about it on my facebook page. Yes the long awaited Whirls Collection, a crossover between my 2 jewelry online shops, is now available at Harlequin&Lionhead.

First off the bat are my 2 rings, now available in 4 different plating options - 14K yellow gold, white gold, black gold and rose gold. It is also available in silver and can be custom ordered to be made in other precious metal. You can email me for a quotation on that.

#1 Ring, shown here in black gold plating
#2 Ring, shown here in silver
#2 Ring, shown here in 14K gold plating

The "Whirls" Collection features clusters of organic shapes that inspires imagination. Someone may see it as feathers, flowers, leaves or even coral. It is edgy but still with a subtle sensibility. There are more styles coming but the beautiful organic shapes are always accompanied by my signature twisted bands. The larger rings and bracelets are supported by double bands.

The line featured here is made of clay models except for the bands. Architecturally, the bands are quite difficult to make because the back side of the ring is not flat. It has contours that follow the shape of the "feathers" in the front. And the half bands are not soldered together because I want it to look more fluid and sleek. To top that, the band is sculpted out of round metal rods and it is diagonally twisted from one side to the other (flat at the bottom so it feels comfortable wearing it). That way the band carries the same "whirly" DNA from the shapes on the front, without being too literally. And it can still be supportive without being overly dominating and clunky. It was so hard to create, and even harder to re-create it in different sizing. I am very proud of it and I think the end result looks fantastic. It is unique in the marketplace.

The line featured at my Bunnies Can Dream store is made of the original clay and are all necklaces. They are all statement pieces that will go very well with the metal collection here. It will be available offline soon in New Jersey. More details to come. For now, you can find them here.

So how are these pieces created? It is a complicated and long process...

I created these in clay models first. The polymer clay is hardened through a baking process, which makes it stable and can be used for moulds.
The polymer clay pieces are then made into silicon moulds. From there, I can get a wax model and continue to work on the piece.

The wax model then needs to be "hollow out" so the final metal piece will not be too heavy. That is why the back of the rings are contoured. Here, they are not a "ring" yet.

The wax model will then be casted into metal and from there, I add on the bands. And that will be polished up and become my prototype for a second mould. I like working with the rods in metal because they can be made "sharper" with the angular twist. The issue is that after the bands are criss-crossed they cannot be resized or reshaped. So the piece has to be made perfect and wax models are NEVER perfect. Coming out from casting they always have to be worked upon more. So the key is to get the wax models as perfect as possible coming out from mould. So the original mould needs to be 200% and that is why I finish the bands at metal stage for all my prototypes.

Here the prototype will then be used to make a final mould. From that mould, I will generate wax models for casting for production moving forward. And this is only for one ring, one size. Imagine each ring will come in size 6-10, this process will need to be repeated 5 times per ring model. Now I have 2 rings, so 10 times. And the process is pretty much the same for bangles...Keep counting :P So seriously, this is my sweat and blood.
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