Saturday, January 22, 2011

24K Gold Plated Roses

As posted earlier, the Rose Collection is now available in 24K gold plating. All the current listings in my shop under sterling silver can be purchased as 24K gold plated version.

And as an alternative to the higher end line, I'm offering brass/bronze versions. To ensure these will not cause reaction to some hyperallergic customers, I have also plated it with 24K gold. Some slight tarnishing around the deep crevices between the pedals may happen but that will only add to the beauty of the roses making it more dimensional.

I'm also introducing a little baby to the collection - the single rose studs.  They are just adorable. 

It is also 24K gold plated. The posts are of sterling silver plated in gold so, like the 2-Way Rose Earrings, it is a good option for sensitive ears.

The best thing is that these babies are very affordable so for those who are curious to see the roses in person first before taking a dive into the full collection, or if you are looking for an affordable lovely gift for a friend, this is perfect for you.

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