Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Rose Collection are on Flickr and here are the prices

The rose collection just debuted yesterday on my flickr photo album with closeups included.

This collection features sterling silver roses in rings, earrings, pendant, and a bracelet is coming soon. Each rose is unique and one of a kind, as each one of them is carved, fused together to form the jewelry pieces, polished and tarnished manually, all in a NY studio by myself. So you can be sure they are not only beautiful, but also unique.

As they are tarnished to give the roses depth that mimicks real tea roses, further tarnishing will look natural and the jewelry does not require much maintenance. Also, I uses renaissance wax, which is widely adopted by museums to preserve antiquities, so the pieces are protected from the usual color change.

The series will be available officially for purchase on http://harlequinlionhead.etsy.com/ on November 22, 2010.  But if you would like to pre-order them now, just email me.

Check out the attached price sheet for more information. Or click here to the flickr album for the lookbook. Enjoy.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Introducing the new logo!

Finally, the logos are done. The typeface is still san serif but with a little angular to it. That goes well with the bunny-shaped ampersand, which is also the "icon" of the brand. Next I need to get a jewelry stamp made with the icon so all the pieces moving forward will carry the brand as well!

Also a headsup, the full lookbook will be ready soon. It will contain not only the model pictures but closeups. Those that receive the lookbook will get a chance for pre-ordering with a good discount. Delivery date for the pieces will be sometime mid to end Nov. My Etsy shop will start carrying the Rose collection from mid-Nov onwards. So watch out for an email from me. If you have not subscribed to my list via fb or here, do so immediately!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

One of a kind

Some of you may have heard about this statement bracelet already from my other blog. From wax model to final sterling silver, this rose has been nothing short of a spectacle. Capturing the transient beauty of a full-bloom black rose in eternity, this rose is not only romantic, it's BOLD. Because it's actually close to the life size tea rose, and is meant to be a bracelet that almost looks like a corsage. I will post the final bracelet when it's completed.

What's amazing is that this cannot be replicated in a commercial mold so everytime I make it, it will be unique and one of a kind. Because of that, this rose bracelet will not be available in my etsy shop. If you are interested, I can custom-made one for you. Just email me for a quote at my Etsy shop.