Saturday, October 2, 2010

One of a kind

Some of you may have heard about this statement bracelet already from my other blog. From wax model to final sterling silver, this rose has been nothing short of a spectacle. Capturing the transient beauty of a full-bloom black rose in eternity, this rose is not only romantic, it's BOLD. Because it's actually close to the life size tea rose, and is meant to be a bracelet that almost looks like a corsage. I will post the final bracelet when it's completed.

What's amazing is that this cannot be replicated in a commercial mold so everytime I make it, it will be unique and one of a kind. Because of that, this rose bracelet will not be available in my etsy shop. If you are interested, I can custom-made one for you. Just email me for a quote at my Etsy shop.

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