Monday, March 28, 2011

Vote for Your Discount!

You tell me what you want, and you get it! That's the spirit of this month's special.

It's as simple as this - 
Go to my Harlequin&Lionhead Facebook Page. Become a fan if you have not already clicked "LIKE".
Go to the "POLL" page on the left side bar.
Or, if you are a fan already, simply go to the page from here.
Vote for one of the 4 different offers. 
Whichever gets 50 votes first will go live.
And you get a coupon code in email. 

This is exclusive to my Facebook fans.

Vote now, tell your friends and hurry. You make your favorite offer come true :)
And remember, subscribe to this blog and get your subscription offer too!

Offers cannot be combined.

1 comment:

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